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5th Air Force F-86 Sabre, of the 4th Fighter - Escort Wing, has complete command of the skies as it heads homeward after another strike at the enemy.jpg
A far cry from the brutal treatment given American prisoners of war by the Communist North Korean forces, is the humane consideration shown captured North Koreans .jpg
A far cry from the brutal treatment given American prisoners of war by the Communist North Korean forces, is the humane consideration shown captured North Koreans.jpg
A fond farewell from his family, sends Capt. Johnnie Gosnell of Borger, Texas, off on another mission over Korea. Waving goodbye on the field near their home.jpg
A group of war-weary wounded soldiers stand by while one of their number is lifted from the Air Force C-47 which brought him to this field in Japan from a forward airstrip in Korea.jpg
Almost 100 locomotives--vital to the North Korean transportation system--were destroyed when B-29 Superforts blasted the Northwest Pyongyang marshalling yard.jpg
At Panmunjom, Korea, POW's (recently repatriated in the UN POW exchange) are off-loaded from ambulances. Note the ones in the foreground walking towards tent.jpg
Bombs Away-Regardless of the type of enemy target lying in this rugged, mountainous terrain of Korea, very little will remain after the falling bombs have done their work.jpg
Cameramen mount a giant aerial camera in the nose of a speedy but otherwise unarmed U.S. Air Force jet fighter for a reconnaissance mission over communist North Korea.jpg
Cpl. Robert L. Cover, 22, airplane mechanic, of Joplin, Missouri (right) helps from the outside as the two men change a turbo-supercharger on a Boeing B-29 Superfort.jpg
Gun cameras are synchronized with the .50 calibre machine gun fire on U.S. Air Force F-80 jet fighters and record every strike against the North Korean aggressors.jpg
Harlingen Army Air Field, Texas--Elizabeth L. Gardner of Rockford, Illinois, WASP.jpg
is formation of B-29s is shown flying over enemy territory in Korea. Over twenty-four million pounds of bombs have been dropped from B-29 bomb bays during the months of July and August.jpg
Korean War Peace talks. Kaesong, Korea 2.jpg
Korean War Peace talks. Kaesong, Korea 3.jpg
Korean War Peace talks. Kaesong, Korea.jpg
Most Feared Weapon-Prisoner interrogation has determined that napalm bombs are the most feared of all weapons used by the U.S. Far East Air Forces in Korea.jpg
One undred and fifty gallons of flaming death, seventy five gallons of napalm in each of the dark colored wing tanks, speeds on its way toward enemy lines in Korea.jpg
Proof of the havoc wrought by .50 calibre machine guns in F-80 jet fighters is provided by gun cameras which record on film each burst at an enemy target.jpg
S Sgt. Arthur L. Goins, combat crew photographer on the RB-29 of the 31st Strategical Reconnaissance Squadron, loads a K-18 camera prior to take-off.jpg
Sleek U.S. Air Force F-86 Sabre jets of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing form this pattern of power as they patrol skylanes high over MIG-Alley in northwest Korea.jpg
The light bombers went in time after time to saturate this nest of enemy barracks in Korea with para-frag bombs in order to make it completely untenable by Communist soldiers.jpg
The No. 1 job of the Superfort units in the Far East Air Forces, is to put bombs on North Korean targets, but before that can be done the mechanics must have the B-29's.jpg
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