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A chart of battles, leaders, and congresses during the Revolutionary War.jpg
Adams, John.jpg
Adams, Samuel.jpg
An east prospect of the city of Philadelphia.jpg
Attack on Savannah.jpg
Baron von Steuben at Valley Forge.jpg
Barry, John.jpg
Battle at Charlestown.jpg
Battle of Bennington.jpg
Battle of Lexington.jpg
Battle of Long Island.jpg
Benedict Arnold's Oath of Allegiance.jpg
Benjamin Franklin at the Court of France.jpg
Benjamin Franklin at the Court of St. James.jpg
Boston Massacre.jpg
Brant, Joseph (Thayendanegea).jpg
British cartoon criticizing the King's use of Indians in the war.jpg
Burgoyne, John.jpg
Capture of Yorktown.jpg
Clark's attack on Fort Sackville.jpg
Clark's march against Vincennes, across the Wabash River through wilderness and flood.jpg
Col. George Rogers Clark's conference with the Indians at Cahokia.jpg
Combat memorable donne le 22, 7re 1779, entre le Captaine Pearson commandant le Serapis et Paul Jones commandant le Bonhomme Richard et son escadre.jpg
Cornwallis, Marquis.jpg
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